Assad: France, Europe Can Right its Wrongs in the Middle East

French official meets with Syria's president to discuss counter-terrorism efforts

President Bashar al-Assad has said “reasonable” politicians and parliamentarians in France and Europe could help play a central role in correcting damaging Western policies toward Syria and the region.

Assad’s remarks came during a meeting with member of the French National Assembly and Leader of the Christian Democratic Party, Jean-Frederic Poisson, on Sunday.

The president said Western policies towards Syria and the region had been unsuccessful, as they had exploited and ignored the demands of the region’s peoples, causing terrorism to expand and spread into European countries.

Poisson, for his part, stressed cooperation with Syria is essential in order to eliminate terrorism and terminate its risks. The French official said stability in Syria would reflect positively on the stability of the region and Europe, adding such an effort could only be acheived in cooperation with the Syrian government.


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