Cabinet Considers Expanding Syrian-Wide Transport Sector

PM also calls for review of ministry press offices to improve cooperation with media outlets and provide accurate information

The Cabinet discussed enhancing Syria’s air fleet between provinces and the transportation sector between cities and suburbs, in addition to the performance of tourism offices at a weekly session on Tuesday.

Chairing the session, Prime Minister Wael al-Halki affirmed the government’s adherence to combating those who are exploiting the current crisis to achieve personal benefits at the expense of citizens, calling on ministries to improve the work of their press offices to enhance their cooperation with media outlets and provide correct and accurate information.

Halki instructed the Ministry of Education to inspect the situation of private schools and to instruct education directorates in the provinces to be more lenient in regards to school uniforms and dress codes.

The Cabinet also condemned recent terrorist bombings in Hassakeh province which claimed the lives of many civilians and wounded others.


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