Contractors Avoid Tenders with Interior Ministry, Fear Sanctions: Leaked Document

Leaked document details serious internal shortcomings which directly affected plans and delayed projects

A leaked internal document evaluating the Ministry of Interior’s Department of Administration has revealed many shortcomings in a number of branches, most notably in the contracts branch, which failed to complete the majority of submitted tenders.

The document, which reviewed the ministry’s performance in 2012, when the Syrian economy exhibited relative stability, details serious internal issues which directly affected plans and delayed some projects.

The review noted the shortcomings in five of the department’s six branches (labor, fuel, employee accommodation, contracts, armament), excluding the supply branch. Most notable issues were: delay in implementing most projects due to lack of manpower and high prices of materials; 7 percent reduction in services allocated for housing accommodations for police, and a lack of drinking water for police accommodation in Najha (Damascus Countryside), considered the largest police housing area containing 292 apartments.

With regard to the contracts branch, which is responsible for managing a range of contracts in for Ministry of Interior, the document stated: "Most tenders failed due to the lack of offers, because the prices are too high”. A recent report by Zaman al-Wasl detailed that sanctions imposed on the regime and contractors’ fears about working with the regime and its ministry contributed to the lack of tenders.

This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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