Assad Loyalists Claim Regime Forces Occupying Homes in Aleppo’s Hamdaniya

Pro-Assad journalist reports district has witnessed indiscriminate gunfire by regime forces in an attempt to intimidate residents to leave

Prominent Assad loyalists have reported that houses in Aleppo’s Hamdaniya district were forcibly occupied by Syrian government fighters during clashes with opposition forces who recently launched a major assault to break the siege on eastern Aleppo.

The journalist, Shadi Halwi, known for his strong loyalty to the Assad regime, wrote on his Facebook page about the theft which occurred in the western district on Monday.

Halwi said that the Hamdaniya district (which is under regime control) had witnessed indiscriminate gunfire to intimidate residents, “under the pretext of clashes with terrorists.” He added that “the aim of this was to repeat the Khalidiyeh scenario of last year,” closing by saying: “Let’s go steal,” while describing the regime forces who fired indiscriminately as “internal ISIS.”

Regime loyalists confirmed Halwi’s story, pointing to the gunfire in district 606. One of them said, “The district was free of problems (in reference to clashes) and the aim was to terrorize the residents.”

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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