Abdah: US Can Still Review its Syria Policy, Stop Russian Crimes

Coalition leader says Russian and regime forces are deliberately targeting aid convoys, civilians, hospitals, and vital civilian infrastructure

President of the Syrian National Coalition Anas al-Abdah said that the Obama administration still has a chance to rethink its approach to the Syrian conflict, calling for putting an end to the barbaric onslaught by Russia and the Assad regime on Aleppo.

The opposition leader said that Russian and government forces are deliberately targeting aid convoys, civilians, hospitals, and vital civilian infrastructure in the province.

Abdah made his remarks following an expanded meeting of the Coalition’s political committee on Monday. The meeting, which included members of the Coalition’s General Assembly and the opposition’s High Negotiations Committee, reviewed the outcome of the opposition delegation’s meetings held in New York last week and also discussed the deteriorating situation in Aleppo.

Abdah stressed that the Syrian people have no other option but to close ranks and unite political and military efforts in order to counter the brutal war waged on them by the Assad regime and its allies. New internationally banned weapons, most notably bunker buster bombs, are being used by Russia to quell the revolution amid total failure of the international community to assume its responsibilities to protect Syrian’s civilians, he added.

He pointed out that the Coalition leadership is sparing no effort to unite political and military efforts and to save the city of Aleppo, stressing that the revolution forces will not allow Aleppo to fall to the mercenary militias Iran sent to fight alongside the Assad regime.

The Friends of the Syrian Group are now facing the moment of truth, Abdah noted, adding that those friends have a duty to support the Syrian revolution that shares with them the values ​​and principles on which their countries were founded.

This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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