Regime Bombers Kill 6 Civilians During Strikes on Houla, Homs

Warplanes kill six civilians, including three children and two women, one of which was pregnant, according to activist

Regime warplanes committed a massacre on Wednesday in the city of Houla, Homs countryside, after they targeted residential neighborhoods with strikes that killed six people, mostly children, while also injuring others.

Haitham al-Kasem, a media activist from the Homs countryside told ARA News that, "the regime warplanes targeted the residential neighborhoods of Houla city with six raids which killed six civilians, including three children and two women, one of which was pregnant. Others were injured, including children and women."

Opposition factions reacted by shelling all the government checkpoints around the city, including positions in the loyalist villages of Karmes, Mariameen, Al-Shania and Al-Kabu, using heavy machineguns and mortars.

Elsewhere, regime warplanes also targeted the town of Talbiseh with three raids, killing one person and injuring 10 others. The raids also targeted the towns of Al-Farhania and Al-Mazraa, which lie between Hbab al-hawa and Al-Ghanto, but no casualties were reported.

Houla city has been under constant aerial bombardment for four days, leaving many people dead and injured. Local activists say the escalation is an attempt by the regime to relocate the city’s residents as part of the regime’s enforced displacement policy.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.



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