Syrian Grand Mufti Urges Europe Not to Turn a Deaf Ear to Terrorist Massacres

Religious leader warns Irish MPs against information in media outlets that aims to mislead the public about the situation in Syria

Syria’s Grand Mufti Ahmed Badr al-Din al-Hassoun called on European countries to work for peace and not turn a deaf ear to the massacres committed by terrorists in Syria.

In a speech addressing the Irish parliament in Dublin, Hassoun invited MPs to visit Syria and to see for themselves the terrorists’ crimes, warning to not rely on what is being published by media outlets that aim to mislead the public about the situation in Syria.

The grand mufti noted that Syria has paid heavy price because of the flow of terrorists who swept into the country, including about 300,000 who came from Europe and other areas around the world.

He briefed the parliament on the progress of the local reconciliations brokered by the Syrian state taking place in many areas, which have opened the door to a large number of gunmen disarming and returning to their normal lives.

He also briefed MPs on the crimes of the so-called “opposition” forces in Aleppo who attack civilians with thousands of shells and chemical weapons, claiming many lives, including children and women.

This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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