Mikdad: The Strength and Efficiency of Syria’s Youths Will Create a Stronger Country

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Fayssal Mikdad addressed young Syrians at the 1st Youth Dialogue Forum reports SANA

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Fayssal Mikdad stressed that Syria will get out of the current crisis stronger than ever thanks to the strength of its youths and their efficiency.

Mikdad’s remarks came during a meeting with young cadres on Tuesday at the 1st Youth Dialogue Forum, organized by the Revolutionary Youth Union at Sahara Compound in Damascus.

Mikdad said that the youths’ vision for the future will come true regardless of attempts by Syria’s enemies to create hurdles to prevent Syria from rising.

He added that since the beginning of the war against terrorists, Syria has believed in a political solution to the crisis and has cooperated with all initiatives and conferences to reach a political solution that would guarantee Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and would prevent any foreign interference in its internal affairs.

Mikdad said that the current consultations by the constitution committee aimed at revising the current constitution that was adopted in 2012, adding that it is a modern constitution and it was a synopsis of global constitutions.

Mikdad also affirmed that the relations binding Syria and Russia are strategic and strong and that Russia is an inseparable part of the international system and it hasn’t given up its role of preserving international peace and security.

Regarding cooperation with Russian and Iranian friends, Mikdad noted that this cooperation is based on certain principles and values, the most important of which is cooperation in combating terrorism and in economic and scientific fields, and the adherence to the Palestinian cause and the right of people to decide their future.


This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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