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West Responsible for Spread of Terror: Information Minister

Al-Zoubi claims Western states are responsible for the spread of the terrorist ideology and culture
West Responsible for Spread of Terror: Information Minister

Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi, stressed Israel does not abide by any international resolution that does not serve its interests, referring to the non-abidance of Turkey and Jordan to the UN Security Council Resolutions 2170 and 2178, in addition to their direct cooperation with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, at the government and intelligence levels, in terms of training gunmen and facilitating their infiltration into Syria.


During an interview with al-Ikhbariya TV on Wednesday, Zoubi said there were countries who do not police their borders with the capacity to do so – such as Iraq and Lebanon – pointing out the presence of Takfiri and extremist forces in Lebanon supporting armed terrorist organizations in Syria.


The minister questioned if anyone was exempt from terrorism, and whether Erdogan could guarantee that terrorism will not expand to Turkey, Riyadh or Doha.


Zoubi claimed the strategy of combatting terrorism, on regional or international levels, should take into account all data such as location, means of support it and its supporters, pointing out that targeting funders and weapon suppliers would provide better results than air strikes.


“We condemn terrorism of all its manifestations, regardless of geography or the nationality of the victims. For terrorism that struck Paris, London, Madrid, Damascus, Baghdad, Cairo or Gaza is one, and the Western states and their agents from Arab governments are held responsible for the spread of the terrorist ideology and culture”, Zoubi said.


He stressed that Syria continues to consider Israel the primary enemy of the Arab Nation, as it is directly responsible for – and concerned with – conflict from Iraq to Morocco.


Zoubi pointed out that Egypt should also play its natural role in leading the Arab nations, along with Syria and Iraq, referring to the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood project.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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