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Unknown Attackers Kill, Wound Individuals in Northwest Syria

The security situation in opposition-held northwestern Syria is deteriorating, with attackers and thugs leading factions, according to North Press.
Unknown Attackers Kill, Wound Individuals in Northwest Syria
Unknown Attackers Kill, Wound Individuals in Northwest Syria

An individual was killed and another was wounded on Sunday-Monday night by unidentified attackers west of Idleb, northwest Syria.

Unknown individuals, who were riding motorbikes, shot at two individuals near the town of Armanaz in the northwestern countryside of Idleb, eyewitnesses told North Press.

The young man Ibrahim Ismail was killed and another, who accompanied him, was critically wounded in the shooting. The wounded was transferred to the nearest medical point for treatment, according to the sources.

Ismail, who hailed from Armanaz town, worked in solar energy maintenance and services, the sources added.

On February 20th, unknown attackers killed an individual, who was an investigator affiliated with Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS, formerly al-Nusra Front), in the northern countryside of Idleb 24 hours after two children, who were kidnapped, suffocated to death.

Areas controlled by the HTS witness security chaos accompanied by successive explosions, arrests, assassinations, and killings.

Turkish-backed Division controls the village

On a different note, the Turkish-backed Sultan Suleiman Shah Division (Amshat) led by Muhammad Aa-Jassem “Abu Amsha” with his brothers reactivated in Sheikh al-Hadid district of Afrin countryside, north of Aleppo.

On February 22nd, an investigation committee issued several  decisions against the Amshat faction and charged “Abu Amsha” and his two brothers Malik and Walid al-Jassem in addition to those close to him with “corruption in the land and exiling people from Afrin region.”

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“Abu Amsha” returned with his brothers to the district and began his activities as a leader of Sultan Suleiman Shah Division without any objection by the factions or even the investigation committee tasked with investigating his violations in the region, a local source said.

Members of the division deployed several checkpoints at the entrances of the district and inspected all cars entering the area, the source told North Press.

Several accusations were leveled against “Abu Amsha” and members of his faction in his area of control in Sheikh al-Hadid in Afrin, such as collecting royalties and olive oil from farmers, seizing lands, rape cases, and filing false accusations against people to blackmail them.

In late 2021, opposition factions opened files and lawsuits against the “Sultan Suleiman Shah Division” and its leadership because of their violations in the Sheikh Hadid area.

Abu Amsha is the most prominent leader of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA); his faction controls the entire Sheikh al-Hadid district and has committed broad-scale violations in the region.

Areas held by the Turkish-backed factions are witnessing a state of infighting and security chaos, accompanied by assassinations and settling scores that aim to extend the power of one faction at the expense of another.


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