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Ukrainian War Impact: Syrian Government to Reduce Fuel Quantities

The Syrian government said it was ready to confront the consequences of the Ukrainian war, according to Athr Press.
Ukrainian War Impact: Syrian Government to Reduce Fuel Quantities
Ukrainian War Impact: Syrian Government to Reduce Fuel Quantities

On Thursday, the Council of Ministers announced, during an exceptional session, government measures to manage the possible repercussions of the Ukrainian war on the Syrian people. The session aimed to study scenarios, avoid them, or reduce their impact on the economic and service situation in Syria. This came in response to developments in the Ukrainian crisis issue and the launch of a Russian military operation. 

The aim of these measures is to deal with any economic fluctuations that could affect the Syrian domestic market directly or indirectly, depending on changes that may affect the global market, particularly in the area of energy, food, and global transport. The Syrian economy is experiencing many difficulties. 

During the exceptional session, items were set to deal with this new situation for two months. During these two months, periodic meetings will be held to assess the situation and take the necessary measures regarding its developments, according to five levels: 

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– Take what is necessary to manage the available stocks of basic materials (wheat, sugar, oil, rice, and potatoes) over the next two months and the requirements to strengthen it and check the levels of distribution and rationalization of these materials to ensure the sustainability of their availability and study all options for supply by various means. 

– Develop a list of the most necessary basic supplies over the next two months, agree on and follow up supply contracts and emphasize suppliers to complete their tasks as soon as possible. 

– Review of exported materials and restrict exports over the next two months for materials that can contribute to market stability such as olive oil, preserved food, and other materials, as well as managing the market’s pharmaceutical needs 

– Study the possibility of reducing some indicative prices for some basic materials in order to reduce the prices of these materials in the local market 

– Develop a plan for the distribution of all oil derivatives within the next two months to ensure regular distribution and rationalize this process for the necessary sectors, develop a plan to reduce the quantities supplied to the market gradually, study the reality of supplies and emphasize the importance of quickly addressing the issue of excluding segments from subsidies -as approved- to take advantage of its positive impacts such as the level of savings in the consumption of subsidized materials. 

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