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Twitter Campaign to Support FSA

Activists said the path of the revolution had deviated after gains by ISIS
Twitter Campaign to Support FSA

Syrian social media activists will launch a new campaign on October 20 in solidarity with the moderate rebel group, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), to support the idea that radical Islamist groups cannot save Syria, according to recent Twitter feeds.


The Syrian Media Commission, a pro-opposition group, called on all cyber activists, political and media associations to interact with an Arabic hashtag saying, 'The Free Syrian Army is our choice', in support of the sacrifices made by the FSA since the Syrian revolution erupted in March 2011.


The four-day campaign will start on Monday October 20, the commission said.


Activists said the path of the revolution had deviated and gained momentum when the extremist militant group, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) gained control of swaths of territory in Syria and neighboring Iraq and started to suppress the Syrian people, motivated by radical agendas.


ISIS have shot, beheaded and crucified 3,473 people, mostly Syrians, since the group appeared in Syria in 2013, the Syrian Network for Human Rights said in report in August.


According to the latest documented report, 2,691 of those deaths were from the FSA, Islamic battalions, the Syrian regime army and Kurdish troops, besides 782 civilians, including 138 children and 139 women.


ISIS' campaign of extreme violence and abuse against both civilians and rival opposition groups has prompted a backlash across rebel-held Syria, where many hope the U.S. air campaign next door will be extended, according to AFP.


Translated and  edited by The Syrian Observer


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