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The Relationship Between the Interim Government and the Coalition

Zaman al-Wasl has obtained a copy of the decisions on the formation of the Interim Government, its organization and relationship with the Syrian National Coalition.
The Relationship Between the Interim Government and the Coalition

According to the document, the government was formed on the basis of 28 articles.


It says the government is committed to the highest standards of integrity and transparency and its works and accounts are available to all members of the Coalition.


The Prime Minister and his ministers should apply the principle of financial transparency, declaring all cash and payments in-kind immediately upon receipt.


Before accepting the resignation or withdrawal of any approved government member, a declaration should be submitted to the Legal Committee of the Coalition.


The decision also provides that the government should submit the budget estimates for the first six months of operation. This budget is to be debated by the Finance Committee in the General Assembly of the Coalition within one month from the date of granting approval and it should be voted on and adopted according to an absolute majority.


The government should also provide final financial statements for the past six months compared to the estimated budget to show the statement of attributed achievement.


Statements should be provided to the General Commission of the Coalition through the Finance Committee and hearing sessions should discuss the estimated budget for the next six months which should be adopted by the General Commission.


This government will be considered resigned – according to the decision – as soon as the work of the Coalition is over as defined in its statute, or when the legitimacy of the representation of the Syrian people shift to any other representative framework.


The Government's task ends as soon as the transitional government is formed from the expanded National Congress, or the elected Constituent Assembly, after or before the fall of the Assad regime.


The decision shows that foreign policy remains subject directly to the Political Commission of the Coalition and the Minister of Foreign Affairs which should supervise the districts and work of the embassies.


The Coalition, it appears, operates as the political cover for the Higher Military and Revolutionary Council which is regarded as the Supreme Command of the Free Syrian Army.


The Minister of Military Affairs is to supervise the institutions, bodies and the military directorates of the Free Syrian Army. The political commission is to form a committee to communicate and coordinate with the Ministry of Defense and Interior.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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