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The Knights Of Malta: The Cold War Is Back

Some researchers connect Blackwater to the killing of demonstrators in different Arab countries
The Knights Of Malta: The Cold War Is Back

Before I finished reading the first chapter of 'Blackwater: the Strongest Mercenary Army in the World', written by Jeremy Scahill, I found myself drowning in a sea of difficult and disgusting details, which made reading the huge book, at more than 500 pages, similar to swimming under a dirty swamp full of crocodiles.


I wasn’t surprised that the Central Intelligence Agency is the patron of Blackwater; I had read previously that its executive managers are former officials from the American army. The cruelty of its mercenaries didn’t surprise me either, given the organization recruited all the expelled American militants famous for their bloody excursions, in addition to their counterparts from Chile, Columbia, South Africa, Honduras and elsewhere.


What did surprise me was that most of the executive managers at Blackwater are proud to belong to Malta Knights. Malta Knights is a crusader militia formed in the eleventh century, before the first official crusader campaign.  I had read somewhere that Prescott Bush, the grandfather of Bush senior, was a member of the  Malta Knights just like Bush the junior, the phrase "crusade invasion", which Bush used before declaring the war on Iraq, came to mind.


I admit that I thought of Malta Knights as an organization, a secret organization similar to Masonic and Rotary ones. But with a little research I discovered that it is an internationally recognized state. The most shocking thing about this state is that it has no borders, no people and no land, but despite this, 98 countries have recognized it. It has embassies and diplomatic relations with all these countries, including with nine Arab countries, and its official name is The Sovereign Military Order of Malta.


Information reveals that this mysterious country was founded in 1070 in Jerusalem. After Salahaddine liberated Jerusalem, the Order moved to Malta in 1530. When Napoleon occupied the island, they scattered throughout the world, with some arriving in America and then helping the racist organization, the  Ku Klux Klan during the American civil war.


The official headquarters of this strange state is now in Rome. Even stranger is that Malta Knights is treated as a sovereign state under international law, it has its own government headed by the Grand Master Matthew Festing, the 79th Grand Master of the Malta Knights government. Festing is treated as a president just like any other president.


Scahill says that Blackwater was encouraged by the Pentagon and Blessed by Malta Knights which gave it mercenary passports that allow them to travel freely worldwide.


Some researchers connect Blackwater to the killing of demonstrators in different Arab countries, and there is some information indicating that Bandar Bin Sultan and the Qatari Emir have hired Blackwater mercenaries to conduct missions in Syria. Social media networks have recently circulated information about the presence of Blackwater in Ukraine.


The German Orientalist Sigrid Hunke said once that "the colonial crusade wars, which Europe raged against the region under the name of religion, which didn’t distinguish between Christians and Muslims, is still going on in the form of a cold war against Arabs".


The presence of Blackwater and American army on the Arab lands now proves that the cold war is back.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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