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Syrians Mock Government Salary Raise

The increase applies to state, civil and military employees
Syrians Mock Government Salary Raise

The Syrian government has hailed President Bashar Assad’s decree to raise salaries, while the move was met with sarcasm by Syrian civilians and writers.


Assad issued decree No. 38 for 2013 on Saturday, increasing monthly salaries of state, civil and military employees.


According to the decree, a 40% increase will apply to the first 10,000 SP earned. A 20% increase will apply to an additional 10,000 SP earned, while 10% is to be added to the third 10,000 SP earned.


Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi said that the salary increases for state and retired employees amid economic strains are further evidence that the Syrian economy is robust.


During a meeting on Sunday with MPs representing the Hama Governorate, Halqi said the government is working to improve living conditions for all citizens and increase relief and aid to families affected by the crisis. He also confirmed the government's commitment to enhancing the partnership between legislative and executive authorities.


Meanwhile, the salary increases were met with jokes and derision by Syrians on social media.


Analysts noted the increase had come just days after an offer of financial aid by Iran to the Syrian government.


"Iran has stepped in to help Syria raise the value of its currency after it plummeted, following an announcement by the U.S. of plans to arm the Syrian rebels," UPI reported.


Political commentator Adnan Abdulrazak, meanwhile wrote that "the inspired leader graciously granted his subjects a 30% increase on their salaries, even though inflation has exceeded 120% since the beginning of the popular uprising in March 2011."


Abdulrazak added that the measure will only confirm Assad’s policy of "starvation and slavery" in the country.


He said he expected that the conditions of the Syrian Pound and the economic situation in general might be the only force able to put an end to the regime.




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