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Syrian Opposition Contradicts Reports of Unity Government with Regime

The Syrian Opposition Coalition has denied reports about a potential unity government between the SOC and the Syrian regime, according to Baladi News.
Syrian Opposition Comments on Reports of Union Government with Assad
Syrian Opposition Contradicts Reports of Unity Government with Regime

The Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC) commented on reports that it plans to form a unity government with the Assad regime. The unity government would comprise half of its ministers from the regime and the other half from the opposition.

In a statement, the opposition confirmed that no new proposal had been heard during recent meetings with international parties, including the United States, that was attended by SOC’s president, his deputies, or coalition representatives.

The SOC stressed that any proposal would be completely unacceptable unless it is consistent with the international process for a political solution, which is grounded in UN Security Council resolutions and the Geneva Convention.

“The SOC cannot take part in projects of this kind, given that the SOC is a revolutionary political institution that believes in the values and principles of freedom, dignity, democracy and good governance and looks forward to achieving them on the ground,” the organization said.

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“SOC’s political solution involves implementing UN Resolution 2254, which calls for establishing a fully empowered transitional governing body. The transitional government offers no role for Assad, provides a new constitution, and ensures elections under United Nations auspices,” it said.

Syria TV, which quoted a report published on its official website, quoted statements by former Syrian coalition president Nasr al-Hariri during a SOC meeting several days ago. al-Hariri allegedly said that Washington is no longer interested in overthrowing Bashar al-Assad. Instead, the United States views the best solution is forming a national unity government, split evenly between opposition and regime representatives, and headed by an opposition figure.

During his second meeting since his term ended as SOC president nearly three months ago, al-Hariri added that the proposal should be discussed seriously, in light of political realities. Specifically, al-Hariri claimed that international sentiment no longer supports the Syrian opposition’s cause.

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