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Syria Appeals to UN Over Rebel Shelling Of Aleppo

Damascus urges UN to act against terrorist organizations and states that support them after recent rebel attacks rock Aleppo city
Syria Appeals to UN Over Rebel Shelling Of Aleppo

Syria’s Foreign Ministry issued an appeal to the United Nations in response to recent terrorist attacks that targeted Aleppo city on Monday, claiming the lives of scores of innocent civilians.

The letters stated that Aleppo was targeted by another heinous crime on Monday at the hands of terrorist organizations, which their supporters label “moderate armed opposition”. Terrorists indiscriminately fired more than 100 rockets at the neighborhoods of al-Sirian, al-Sirian al-Jadideh, al-Aziziye, al-Rashdin, Salaheddin, al-Ismailiye, Nile Street, the surroundings of Sheihan Hospital, and al-Sabil housing in the city.

The ministry said the attacks claimed the lives of 36 civilians, including 12 children, and injured more than 120 others, adding that the attacks also caused massive damage to residential buildings and property.

The new massacre is the latest in a series of methodical terrorist acts targeting Syria for over four years, the letters said.

The ministry also stated responsibility for the attacks falls on Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Turkey, and Israel that support, fund, harbor, train, and arm the so-called ‘moderate opposition’.

The letters called on the Security Council and the UN Secretary-General to denounce the recent terrorist attacks in Aleppo, urging the UN to take fundamental steps against terrorist organizations and the states that support and sponsor them.

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