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Syria: Ministry of Interior Allows Conditional Entry of Lebanese

Nearly 20 months after the regime government prevented Lebanese from entering Syria, the ministry of interior reversed the decision, Enab Balad reports.
Syrian Ministry of Interior allows entry to Lebanese, on conditions
Syria: Ministry of Interior Allows Conditional Entry of Lebanese

The Minister of Interior in the government of the Syrian regime, Muhammad al-Rahmoun, issued a circular allowing Lebanese to enter Syria starting Monday, December 13th. This is conditional that they comply with the health measures set out by the Ministry of Health.

Health measures include the COVID-19 PCR test, which should be taken less than 96 hours prior to entry from accredited Lebanese laboratories. If the PCR test is not provided, Lebanese citizens could provide a certificate proving that they have obtained a COVID-19 vaccine. These measures are stated in the circular issued on Sunday, December 12th.

Before opening the borders to all Lebanese, the regime’s government allowed patients and property owners to enter Syria, provided that they don’t stay more than 72 hours. It also allowed the entry of men married to Syrian women, or Syrian-married women, and those with residency permits.

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In March 2020, the regime government prevented Lebanese from entering Syria as a precautionary measure to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Syrians enter Lebanon

Last July, the General Directorate of Lebanese General Security issued a decision allowing entry to Lebanon from Syria through the al-Masnaa and al-Aboudiyeh border posts.

This decision allows Syrians to enter through each border crossing at a rate of 100 people each Wednesday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The decision applies to Syrians with valid Lebanese residency permits and Syrians with temporary six-month travel visas (exit and return).

The decision stipulated that Syrians must have a negative PCR test issued by the regime’s Ministry of Health-accredited laboratories from not more than 96 hours before their arrival. They must also have a health insurance policy to cover treatment for COVID-19 during their time in Lebanon.

Entrants will receive another PCR test upon arriving at the border crossing, carried out by Ministry of Health personnel, and must abide by home quarantine  rules until they receive their test results.


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