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SDF’s Senior Adviser Arrives in Paris Amid Reports of his Escape

A dispute opposed Polat Can, right hand of Mazloum Abdi, with the leaders of the PKK, according to Syria TV.
SDF’s Senior Adviser Arrives in Paris Amid Reports of his Escape

SDF senior adviser, Polat Can, arrived in Paris months after his disappearance amid reports of an escalation of the dispute between him and PKK leaders. 

“The relationship between Polat Can and the PKK has seen many tensions against the backdrop of his criticism of the PKK’s policies in northeastern Syria,” a source close to SDF told Syria TV. 

“Can is one of the closest associates of SDF commander, Mazloum Abdi, within his narrow circle, who mainly hail from the Kobani region, from which Abdi hails,” the source said

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“Polat Can, along with Mazloum Abdi, were leading the national-Syrian-oriented movement within the Autonomous Administration and the SDF, which are dominated by the PKK,” the source said. 

On Tuesday, the Kurdish journalist and writer Hoshink Ossi said that the arrival of Polat Can in Paris came “after he signed a pledge not to raise pictures of Ocalan and PKK flags in northern Syria (Rojava) or Autonomous-Administration areas, which angered the PKK leadership.”

“Can was summoned to the Qandil Mountains for questioning, but he refused, fearing that he would meet the same fate as Gwan Ibrahim, Dozdar Hamo, Farhad Derek, and others,” Ossi said in a Facebook post. 

“Abdi lost his right arm, his isolation increased, and the PKK’s stranglehold intensified on him,” Ossi added.  

A source close to the Autonomous Administration confirmed the news of Polat Can’s arrival in Paris, noting that he had “left the region for France for treatment.”


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