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SDC: International Community Needs to Cooperate More to Confront ISIS

The SDC called on the international community to help it in the fight against ISIS, accusing Turkey of supporting the terrorist organization, according to North Press.
SDC: International Community Needs to Cooperate More to Confront ISIS
SDC: International Community Needs to Cooperate More to Confront ISIS

The threat of the Islamic State Organization (ISIS) is growing in north and east Syria, the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) said on Monday.

In a statement released today, the SDC added that the danger of ISIS is increasing day by day, and called for more international cooperation to confront this danger.

Detaining large numbers of ISIS members and keeping them in captivity is not an easy matter, large and capable countries are unable to do so. Those countries either abdicated their responsibilities or refrained from repatriating their ISIS nationals, the statement noted.

Although the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria (Asayish), supported by the Global Coalition, hold their responsibilities regarding ISIS members and their families, the conspiracy by the neighboring countries continues against the AANES, the SDC noted.

The SDC called for excluding areas of northeastern Syria from international sanctions supporting them economically, and providing infrastructure rehabilitation capabilities, to provide job opportunities for people and keep them away from radical ideology.

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It also called on the international community to deal more seriously with the terrorism issue, starting with bringing detainees to trial and ending with a rehabilitation process.

The statement called on the United Nations to focus on removing the siege on north and east Syria, by opening an official crossing to deliver humanitarian aid to the region.

In its statement, the SDC also called on NATO countries, Russia, and the UN to put an end to the Turkish violations against the Syrian territories.

It called on the international community to support them in order to get rid of radical groups in the occupied areas, in reference to the Syrian opposition factions affiliated with Turkey.

The SDC further explained in its statement that some countries, including Turkey, continued supporting ISIS, and that the Syrian territories which are controlled by Turkey are actually under the control of ISIS, not the opposition factions.

“It became clear that targeting al-Sina’a prison was planned in Sere Kaniye and Tel Abyad with the support of groups coming from the Iraqi border.”

The SDC also accused Turkey of distracting public opinion and distracting the SDF from the battles of al-Sina’a prison in Hasakah by targeting civilians in the villages of Ain Issa town.

The statement held the Syrian government responsible for the killing of more than half a million Syrians and the displacement of more than ten million through the oppression and injustice it imposed on the Syrian people.

It is not surprising that they [Syrian government, opposition factions] defend those terrorists who committed the most heinous crimes against women, children and the elderly, and are still holding children and using them as human shields to preserve their lives, the SDC said.


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