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Russian Forces Withdraw From Ayn Eissa to Tabqa in Raqqa

Russian forces have pulled back from the northern Raqqa countryside and redeployed in the western Raqqa countryside reports Baladi News.
Russian Forces Withdraw From Ayn Eissa to Tabqa in Raqqa

Russian forces have withdrawn equipment and fighters from points where they were deployed in the northern Raqqa countryside to the western Raqqa countryside.

Local sources said that more than 20 Russian military vehicles and a number of tanks accompanied by helicopters had withdrawn from the outskirts of Ayn Eissa in the northern Raqqa countryside, where they had been deployed at a number of military points in the area. They withdrew to the Tabqa Military Airbase south of the city of Tabqa in the western Raqqa countryside, where regime forces are stationed with Russian forces.

Russian forces retain a number of points north of Raqqa, including the points of al-Tarifouai, Abu Wahal, Tel al-Saman, and al-Jalabiyeh west of Ayn Eissa. These points include dozens of Russian forces and other joint forces with Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which the Kurdish YPG comprises the core of.

Russian forces and regime forces deployed in northern Raqqa in October after an agreement with the SDF to confront the advance of the National Army with Turkish backing north of Raqqa.


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