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Russia Insults Syrian Regime Defense Minister During Military Parade in Tartous

The scene reminded some of the humiliation of Assad, when he was prevented from following Putin, according to Syria TV.
Russia Insults Syrian Regime Defense Minister During Military Parade in Tartous

Syrian regime defence minister Ali Mahmoud Abbas was insulted by a Russian soldier who prevented him from accompanying the commander of the Russian forces in Syria, Alexander Cheko. The insult occurred during a military parade organized by Russian forces on the occasion of the Russian Navy Day in the Tartous governorate.

The Russian newspaper Izvestia published a video recording (below) which depicted the ceremony, held on Sunday at the Russian military base in the Syrian governorate of Tartous. 

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The video shows a Russian soldier preventing Ali Abbas from catching up with Cheko during the military parade, forcing Abbas to stand among the other soldiers.

Activists and social media users circulated the video online, noting that this is not the first insult that Russian forces in Syria have directed toward regime officers and even the regime’s president, Bashar al-Assad.

Some recalled the humiliation of Assad when an officer accompanying Putin prevented him from continuing to walk behind his Russian counterpart upon his arrival at the Russian base of Hemeimeem in Lattakia.

At the time, some social media users considered Bashar al-Assad’s display ridiculous — especially when he walked confusedly behind Putin as if he were his disciple.

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