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Opposition Meets Backstage in Istanbul

Zaman al-Wasl has obtained exclusively the minutes of the fifth meeting of the political committee of the Syrian National Coalition
Opposition Meets Backstage in Istanbul

The meeting, which was held between 29-31 October, discussed a range of suggestions and decisions. One of them was Michel Kilo’s suggestion for a Syrian Democratic Union, and his call for the Coalition to hold a National Congress to decide on Geneva II.


Badr Jamous, the General Secretary of the Coaltion suggested forming two committees, one to  arrange and determine issues to discuss in the following meeting, and another to work with other revolutionary forces to find a way to communicate with them.


Mouaffaq Nyrabia was appointed as a representative of the Coalition in Belgium and the  European Union.


In the second session, the committee decided to apply to officially join Interpol and suggested Nazir al-Hakim, Munther Makhos and the defected colonel Mohammed Mufeed Andani as its representatives.


The committee called for a national gathering, after hearing the report presented by the National Meeting Committee, to activate mechanisms for a political solution, and another committee was appointed to organize that meeting.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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