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Opinion: With the Approach of the Syrian Victory… its Coming Boons!

In loyalist Al-Watan, Information Ministry advisor Bassam Abu Abdullah calls for nation-wide development and a correction of course to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past
Opinion: With the Approach of the Syrian Victory… its Coming Boons!

There is no doubt that the outlines of a Syrian victory have begun to appear on the horizon, although fierce battles still await in the east, northeast, south and around Damascus. The aggressive acts starkly and scandalously carried out by the American occupying forces will not dissuade Syria and its allies from pursuing their path until they defeat terrorism and uproot it from Syrian territory, considering it an American-Western reactionary tool used to carry out its projects of division and fragmentation, which, it seems entirely clear, targets everyone, even those who have become complicit in the aggressive war on Syria.

These features have become clear:

1 – The massive progress in the field recently through battles in the desert, the Hama countryside, Homs countryside and Damascus countryside, and the preparation to head toward Deir-ez-Zor and Syrian forces meeting Iraq northeast of Al-Tanf.

2 – Disintegration of the contract of the axis of aggressors against Syria through the Saudi-Qatar clash, the Saudi-Turkish clash and the European divisions, as well as the fall of the commanders who were involved in this aggressive project, and Pakistan and India joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, in addition to the American-Turkish clash around the Kurdish issue.

3 – The acknowledgements that have begun to be published in international and Arabic newspapers from officials involved in the aggressive war on Syria, including the former Qatari prime minister, Hamad bin Jassim, to an American channel, of everyone’s participation in supporting terrorism in Syria. Or what the former U.S. Ambassador [to Syria] Robert Ford stated about the mistakes and incorrect assessments of the United States and his announcement of the victory of President Bashar al-Assad and his allies, and his warning to some Kurdish separatist factions about the consequences of relying on the U.S., in addition to the implicit recognition among many of failure in Syria.

Many and plentiful indications could be written, but I want to speak more about the coming spoils, which are various and manifold and need to be written about clearly and explicitly.

In the domestic equation, it has been shown in a way leaving no room for doubt that the domestic weak points were exploited by the conspiring forces to attempt to destroy Syria and its cultural and historical homeland, role and weight. Whether some like it or not, these weak points include political, economic and social aspects, as the strength of a country is always related to its internal unity, which is the starting point for foreign policy. President Assad previously noted this in a speech when he said: “If our domestic house had been intact, we would not have have reached where we are now.”

The Syrian internal situation was not so bad before the outbreak of the events in terms of development and living standard indicators. But the level of public performance was slow and bureaucratic, and sometimes fatal.

We must also consider the weakness of the role of society and its political participation and the weakness of its interaction with government and public work, which we have seen the total opposite of as the Syrian people have risen up in their entirity in defense of the nation and its unity, and we have seen many successful and excellent models in terms of social and public work throughout the years of the war, of a kind we had not previously known. This is an indication of the need to research successful mechanisms and methods to mobilize society and the youth in volunteer and public work.

The miserable foreign-funded opposition political groups have presented us with a trivial and failed model, morally and nationally, which should not prevent us from supporting new political parties able to effectively participate in the building of the nation and its defense, as well as forming a political opposition responsible for its programs, proposals, figures, and national belonging, and adhering to the invariables and sanctities of the people. Here I see that the issue is a national Syrian need, and not a tradition for others.

In addition to all of that we can add issues related to sustainable development, development of the countryside, and strengthening the role of local administration with the aim of the Syrian citizen participating in the management of his local affairs, far from the strong centralization which killed initiative everywhere, as we are truly awaiting many and widespread benefits from victory.

Discussing the internal situation does not at all reduce the level of the achievements. When we point to points of weakness and negatives, the basic aim is always to reform, develop and revitalize our country in accordance with global standards of which we have lagged. Therefore the Syrian citizen will sooner or later ask the big questions because he paid a heavy price to preserve the unity of the country and its soil, and so it is his right to hold recklessness, arrogance and corruption to account. It is his right to call for fair judiciary and a new philosophy for the public position and space, as this public position is in his service and not the opposite where he is in service of those who hold prominence and whatever group he belongs!

There are many arguments and worries but I believe deeply that the Syrian people, who have shocked the world with their steadfastness, patience and huge sacrifices, deserve to obtain real development, responsible freedoms, fit officials and quality services, and most importantly, respect and appreciation.

What we all need to know and strengthen in the future is bolstering the public opinion centers in order to feel the pulse of the Syrian street in all matters related to foreign and domestic affairs, with the aim of correcting the course and its permanent development and not repeating the mistakes of the past. I think Syrians have learned many lessons, and the world has learned many lessons; most importantly that Syria is a unique country. But we need to cherish and defend it and feel that we are all citizens, equal before the law and in rights and duties, while we need to strengthen the public moral environment and confirm the values and morals to raise our country and advance it.

If some want to know where to begin, it begins with the self and the family. We need to make a legacy we can be proud of for the future young generations, as they will be proud of all the martyrs and wounded of their country and know that Syria has won its independence and unity once again.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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