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Mazzeh Airport Attack Kills 10 Soldiers

10 regime soldiers killed and another 10 wounded in Sunday night's attack
Mazzeh Airport Attack Kills 10 Soldiers

The director of the opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said 10 regime were killed and another 10 wounded in a car bomb attack on the Mazzeh military airport on Sunday night.


Rami Adul Rahman told Agence France Press that the powerful explosion was heard in across many areas of the capital and followed by the sound of a series of smaller explosions as Free Syrian Army fighters launched locally-made missiles at their target.


Regime media carried a brief news item claiming "terrorists attempted to target Mazzeh military airport," but without providing details of casualties.


Abdul Rahman said that Mazzeh airport, which is the largest military airport in Syria, "is as important as Damascus International Airport because it is the one Bashar Assad, regime officials and military leaders use for their own movements."


The elite Fourth Brigade, headed by Assad's brother Maher Assad, is responsible for the protection of the airport.


Abdul Rahman said that the glass of the Fourth Brigade buildings' windows were shattered as a result of the explosion.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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