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Kerry: U.S.-Russian Agreement a Step Forward

Kerry said there is no military solution to the crisis
Kerry: U.S.-Russian Agreement a Step Forward

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said the U.S.-Russian agreement on chemical weapons in Syria is ''a step forward'' towards solving the crisis in Syria politically.


Kerry was speaking during a joint press conference with Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.


''Our overall objective is to find a political solution through diplomacy, and that needs to happen at the negotiating table, and we will stay engaged with a sense of urgency. And I say to the Syrian opposition and all those in Syria who recognize that just removing the chemical weapons doesn’t do the job, we understand that, and that is not all we are going to seek to do," Kerry said.


''There is no military solution to the crisis in Syria," Kerry said, indicating that a military solution will lead to a rising number of extremist parties in the region.''


Kerry said that Washington is in contact with the Syrian opposition and the parties concerned in the crisis in Syria.


He considered that ''the crisis in Syria has impact on the whole region,'' pointing out that the "U.S. is working with Russia in the context of a definite agreement on the chemical weapons, which is not a final solution to the crisis."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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