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ISIS Launches Official Radio Station

Al-Bayan radio station to broadcast in four languages 
on ISIS news in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Central Asia
ISIS Launches Official Radio Station

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) recently launched the al-Bayan Network radio station, covering general ISIS news along with reports on the organization’s so-called "Islamic conquests".

The new station reports ISIS news in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Central Asia, in addition to broadcasting religious lessons and special Islamic songs. The radio station is considered the official mouthpiece of ISIS, providing news in four languages: Arabic, French, Kurdish and English.

The radio station also broadcasts the organization’s decisions and decrees issued, speeches of its commanders and the Friday sermons of its leaders. The station has several frequencies, and an official account on Twitter. ISIS had announced earlier that it will launch its own TV channel, which will be the only official source of news stories related to ISIS.

ISIS also issued its first newspaper in Arabic and English in July 2014, according to social networking accounts close to the organization.

Anatolia news agency said the same accounts had previously announced ISIS’ publication of the first issue of Dabiq newspaper in electronic and paper editions.

The accounts claimed the 50-page paper version was distributed among people in ISIS-held territories in Syria, while the electronic version was distributed via e-mail.

The newspaper is notable for its professionalism in editing and design, in contrast to newspapers issued by media offices of the Syrian opposition.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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