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How Will the Syrian Opposition React to the Tadamon Video?

The opposition hopes the international community will react sharply to the leaked videos, according to Baladi News.
How Will the Syrian Opposition React to the Tadamon Video?
How Will the Syrian Opposition React to the Tadamon Video?

Over the past years, video footage has been leaked revealing brutal crimes, most recently the leaking of the Massacre of al-Tadamon Neighborhood and the shocking murder scenes it carried. The footage documented the premeditated and cold-blooded organized genocide by a group of members of the regime’s military intelligence services, who are killing in front of the camera lens. The bodies of the victims are burned to hide the signs of the crime of genocide.

Baladi News polled the opinions of human rights defenders, politicians, and the military, to shed light on the Tadamon massacre which killed 288 civilians, including seven women and an elderly man who was cold-bloodily decapitated in the style of ISIS. This comes in addition to the murder of several children and dozens of civilians in the prime of their youth by a group of military regime intelligence in the region branch, or the so-called Branch 227. 

No accountability 

According to Abdel Nasser Houshan, a member of the Syrian Legal Council, the regime cannot hold these killers accountable for two reasons, the first being that they are some of the most loyal criminals and do not hesitate to commit any crime for the regime.

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The second reason, according to Houshan, is that holding these murderers accountable will condemn the whole regime, as they are linked to leaders and presidents in the military hierarchy that ends at the head of the pyramid Bashar al-Assad. He is considered the commander-in-chief of the army and armed forces, and therefore responsible for the actions of these criminals legally in accordance with the principle and rule of responsibility of the subordinate for the actions of his followers. In addition, these militias, according to a member of the Syrian Legal Council, became stronger than the authority and stronger than the judiciary. It is insurmountable from accountability and prosecution, as it has become a state within the State. 

Move on two levels 

Abdel Majid Barakat, secretary-general of the political body of the National Coalition of Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, said that the massacre of Tadamon is another crime to be added to the chain of the regime’s crimes that extends for decades. The international community seeks to rehabilitate this regime by forcing Syrians to accept it in a political process sponsored by the United Nations and forcing Syrians to make the regime a partner in the political process.   

He added that an important international meeting took place in France several days ago, which is the communication group that includes a group of important countries such as the U.S., Britain, European Union countries, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab countries. He added that there was a physical presence of the coalition in this meeting and it submitted requests to the foreign ministers of those countries requesting condemning that massacre and issuing decisive positions towards dealing with the regime. There are many moves but they depend on the international will to support a decisive political decision in Syria.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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