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Government Forces, Opposition Clash in Syria’s Aleppo

After clashes erupted with an opposition faction, government forces recorded casualties, including an officer, according to North Press.
Government Forces, Opposition Clash in Syria’s Aleppo

Clashes erupted late on Saturday between Syrian government forces and Turkish-backed armed Syrian opposition factions in the town of Tadef in the countryside of al-Bab east of Aleppo.
The Turkish-backed Levant Front faction carried out an infiltration attempt through a supply route for the government forces between the village of Abu Jabbar and Tadef, an exclusive source told North Press.

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Violent clashes erupted between the two parties, resulting in causalities among government forces, including an officer, the source added.
Recently, the Tadef front has witnessed violent clashes between the opposition factions and the government forces, the source noted.
Since 2017, the city of al-Bab in the eastern countryside of Aleppo has been under the control of the opposition factions.
The SNA-held areas undergo security chaos, including explosions, persistent fighting between the factions and assassinations in light of the factions’ failure to maintain security there.


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