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Bouthaina Shaaban: Syrian War Needs Documentation

The media advisor to Bashar al-Assad has called for documentation of the Syrian war, North Press reports.
Syrian War Documentation
Bouthaina Shaaban: Syrian War Needs Documentation

The government wants to publish the true story of the Syrian war, Bouthaina Shaaban, the media advisor to the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, said yesterday. “The enemies are lurking us from everywhere, and the war that was imposed on all Syrians needs documentation,” the Syrian adviser added.

While oppositions of the Syrian government say, the documentation of the war in Syria calls for narrating the crimes committed by government forces during the past years throughout the country.

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Strategic studies centers specializing in Syrian affairs quoted human rights activists as saying “Syrian government forces are accused of committing a chemical attack in Rif Dimashq in 2013.”

In June 2021, the Director-General of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Fernando Arias, said the Syrian government had used internationally banned chemical weapons at least 17 times during the war in Syria.

But Bouthaina Shaaban said yesterday that the media war against Syria was spreading false news that had absolutely nothing to do with the place, and this false news was circulated all over the world at the time.

“We will publish the true Syrian story about everything related to Syria. We are the ones who own and write our history. Others will not dare to tell their lies,” she noted.


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