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Assad Sends a Reconciliation Committee To Daraya

Negotiators met officers in the presidential palace
Assad Sends a Reconciliation Committee To Daraya

Bashar Assad sent a reconciliation committee to the town of Daraya in the west of the capital Damascus to negotiate with the battalions of armed opposition and the local council about the acceptance of a truce with the regime.


The committee included people from the city supporting Assad, who met officers in the presidential palace before entering the city to negotiate the truce.


The committee explained that it had no specific offer, and that it is not responsible for the previous negotiations or communications regarding a truce. The committee added it wants to report the image from inside the city to the  presidential palace where there is a commission responsible for the Daraya file.


The items of the truce requested by the regime emphasized a suitable agreement that should include two main things: The withdrawal of the army from Daraya, so that people can return to their homes, and the release of detainees in regime prisons.


The negotiations committee of the city responded that the presence of the FSA in Daraya is unacceptable, and the fighters who want to settle their status may do so (unless they were convicted before the revolution). Those who want to go to another area, like Qadam, for example, will be secured, and a limited number of FSA soldiers can stay in the city within a certain arrangement with the regime.


With regard to the detainees and other topics, they will be discussed by a committee which left Daraya to meet the regime. The entry of a regime committee to the city or to a point in its surroundings is unacceptable.


The negotiations committee asked the regime to show signs indicating its seriousness, such as stopping the bombardment of civilians and releasing a number of detainees.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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