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America’s Recipe for a New Investment in Terrorism

The Trump administrations policies in Syria and across the region will not succeed, and are simply a cover to sell more arms writes The Syria Times
America’s Recipe for a New Investment in Terrorism

Trump’s administration removed the political solution from the dictionary of its agenda for Syria. It prefers to preserve its terrorist organizations and perpetuate its occupation. Here the role of its executive tools appears, such as the Erdogan regime, which is the main guarantor of terrorists. In the de-escalation area, the field data revealed today that Erdogan is an American agent who directs the terrorist war in that region with its terrorist tools, starting with the mercenaries of the al-Nusra Front.

The terrorists are equipped with the latest Turkish weapons, missiles, vehicles and armor, and take orders from the operation rooms created by Erdogan’s officers. This proves that Erdogan has never wanted a political solution to the crisis, but works for the American administration to prolong it. The previous Astana talks were only time-consuming actions for the Turkish regime, all of which were used to build up the ranks of the terrorist organizations and strengthen their redeployment in the rural areas of Idleb and Hama, instead of working on the withdrawal of terrorists and their weapons as previously agreed upon in Sochi. 

The US is putting the entire region on a hot plate and mobilizing against Syria and Iran and the entire axis of resistance, but that does not mean that it will be the winner, because today it is, with the poles of the aggression, captive to the reality of the equations imposed by the resistance forces. The threat of the lie about “chemical weapons” will not deter the Syrian state from continuing its war against terrorism until it is uprooted and all the fleets, aircraft carriers and soldiers who were brought to the Gulf will not subjugate Iran. 

The United States knows this well, contrary to the ideas of some Arabs who rushed to support the “deal of the century”. They do not want to believe that Trump’s parade in the Gulf is only to complete the depletion of its “milky cow” under the protection of the dilapidated monarchies, in exchange for a generous payment. 

The American fanfare to militarize the situation in the region and the world is nothing more than a door to the sale of accumulated American weapons and the attempt to establish the US hegemony of the collapse of the unilateral polarity against the rise of other powers such as Russia, China, India, Iran and others. The American uproar has not yet succeeded in Venezuela or the DPRK or in the trade war against China, so the time for beating the drums of an American war will always remain in the Trump’s refrigerator, his profits from blackmailing the region are a thousand times better than losing one soldier on the battlefield, or destroying one warship.


This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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