Rwanda, New Destination for Syrians: No Visa Requirements & Investment Opportunities – What Cost of Travel ?

A Syrian resident in Rwanda told Athr Press that the Syrian community there has increased recently.

Several Syrians have chosen African countries as their destination in light of the difficulties they face to travel to European countries, and Rwanda is the new African country that attracts them. 

Once a Syrian chooses his destination, the search for the advantages of the country he will travel to begins. What does Rwanda offer to Syrians and what is the cost of traveling to it? 

Travel Cost: 

A Syrian resident in Rwanda told Athr Press that the Syrian community has increased recently, and the cost of travelling to the African country ranges between 600-850 dollars (round trip) from Beirut airport. 

As for the cost of the Rwanda visa, unlike other countries, it does not require a prior visa but can be obtained immediately upon arrival in the country. It costs about $ 50 and allows the holder to stay for 30 days in the event of a visit visa or 90 days in the event of a visa to look for work, investment, or treatment. 

Areas of investment: 

As for the reason that prompted Syrians to choose Rwanda as their destination, it begins with the fact that it is a country that does not require a visa from Syrians, in addition to the availability of great investment opportunities in it. 

A resident in Rwanda told Athr Press that it is difficult for an expatriate to get a job if he is not contracted with a company. If there is a contract, salaries range between 2-3 thousand dollars, and increase and decrease according to specialization. Individual job opportunities “waiter, for example,” may have salaries between 100-200 dollars, given that Rwandans accept to receive only $ 50 salary, which makes reliance on them greater in these areas. 

He continued: The first projects eligible for investment are in the agricultural sector, which is very successful due to the availability of water because it is a country rich in lakes. There are Syrians who have succeeded in agricultural projects, including corn cultivation.

He added: The poultry sector is successful because of the demand for chicken (broiler for $ 4), and there is a great demand for eggs. The red meat sector is also successful (a kilo of meat is $ 3).

Among the successful and eligible areas for investment are also the curtain sector and the plastic industries sector. The unsuccessful and undesirable sectors, according to him, are perfumes and beauty salons. 

The government in the State of Rwanda provides a lot of facilities for everyone who wishes to travel, work, and invest in it, including, as we mentioned, that a person wishing to enter Rwanda does not need a travel visa; all he has to do is buy a flight ticket and go to Rwanda. The government seeks equality between local and foreign investors, and therefore there is no need to obtain a travel visa of any kind. 


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.



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