Little Chance of a Political Solution Through Negotiations

A political solution is not viable unless all foreign forces are expelled from Syria

Events in Syria have evolved in a dramatic way since the Geneva conference last March, making discussions about political solutions without a binding international resolution imposed on all parties appear to be a waste of time.


Since then, the effective forces on the ground have changed radically; the Free Syrian Army and its factions, which supported a political solution, no longer have the upper hand on the ground. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the Nusra Front were able to impose themselves as a decisive factor in regard to the future of Syria.


The so-called "moderate" military and political opposition has been guided to failure through a completely intentional process. The Syrian National Coalition, which received a warm welcome from Syrians when it was founded as a sign of hope for a unified and conscious opposition allied with friendly regional and international powers able to save Syria from its tragedy, has become, in the view of Syrians, a gathering point for corruption, with members spending most of their time dividing the funds provided by these countries to buy loyalties inside it and to confiscate its decision-making power.


All this worked in the favor of extremist movements like ISIS and Al-Qaeda, the movements which carry ideas very far from the nature of the Syrian people and their tolerant Islam which is capable of co-existence and integration with the rest of the Muslim and even non-Muslim Syrians. These movements emerged as options able to confront the sectarian militias affiliated with Iran.


Certainly the political solution which saves the rest of Syria is the best solution for Syria and its people, but can you talk about a political solution without a transitional stage? And can a transition succeed if only one of the war criminals participates, while other warlords are not committed to it, especially that without their consent, there will be no ceasefire nor a smooth transition?


Can anyone imagine Baghdadi, Jolani, Assad and Nasrallah sitting at the table to discuss ending the war and searching for a political solution? There are three forces that believe in nothing but zero-sum solutions aimed at eliminating the other infidel, in addition to Bashar al-Assad, whose will is completely tied to Iran and its money, weapons and its sectarian militias, especially now that he has committed war crimes that will make sure he loses any kind of reassurance about any political solution that does not put all sources of power and wealth in his hands or the hands of his protectors.


Many questions must be answered before thinking of a return to a political solution to the Syrian dilemma.Therefore, any viable political solution in Syria should be preceded by an international binding and firm resolution to expelling all foreign fighters, including Hezbollah and ISIS, from Syria, and expelling all Syrian war criminals, including Assad's mafia, the beheaders and women-stoners,  from their positions as decision-makers. The resolution should reflect an insistence by the international and regional powers to follow-up on its implementation, by force if necessary.


My personal conviction is that all Syrians who want to save Syria and the unity of its land and people should work to discredit the four princes of the war (Baghdadi, Jolani, Nasrallah and Assad) from their titles as protectors of their communities. This can be done by calling for Syrian people to support the proposals which reassure everyone, the proposals which confirm that the future of Syria will be for all its citizens without discrimination. Only then the international community might be forced to respect the political representation of any opposition party which discusses a political solution to save Syria.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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