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Carrying the Pen Before the Sword in Raqqa

In the education sector, a campaign was launched called ‘I will not leave my school’. It was planned by the different youth bodies to reopen schools, including a team called ‘The Eye of the City’.

Call for Release of Peaceful Activists

The government had initially agreed to the activists’ release, minister of Justice said, and, after a review of their cases was complete, he told the delegation the activists will be released on 20 May. However, he said, some would face trial before release.

FSA Implement Soft Sharia Law in Aleppo

Ala Jaleema leans against the wall, clutching her daughter in front of her. For the second time in six months she and her seven children are homeless: first the Syrian regime flattened their home with mortar shells, and then soldiers from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) evicted them from the scrap metal warehouse they’d been sheltering in.

I Joined Them to Be Able to Do Civil Work

What’s strange is, despite the fact that I’m a secular person who doesn’t like Islamists, they had a very positive impact on me.

Syrian national Coalition statement regarding Salamiyeh bomb attacks

It is with deep grief and sorrow; the Coalition received the news of another explosion that killed dozens of people in the city of Salamiyah. This is another heinous crime that has the fingerprints of the Syrian regime, which continues to try to create a rift between the people of one homeland.

Syria denounces Countries that demand referring Syria to ICC

Syria is frustrated from the persistence of certain countries to refer the situation in Syria to the International Criminal Court (ICC), Syria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said. It added that Syria shares those countries’ concern over the developments of humanitarian situation in Syria and the human rights violations committed by the armed terrorist groups.

Justice, reconciliation, and amnesty in President Assad’s speech

Assad the dictator is no fan of justice. He knows that he can manipulate democracy by naming it the ‘popular democracy’ and reducing it to supervised and rigged elections. Assad can also mold ‘patriotism’ and ‘resistance,’ as needed turning them into mere clichés set against ‘Zionism’ and ‘colonialism.’ As for justice: it has but one meaning. It is this meaning that Assad is trying to escape.