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PM Allocates 6.12 Billion SP in Aid to Aleppo

Halqi says Aleppo may return to its former splendor
PM Allocates 6.12 Billion SP in Aid to Aleppo

Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi has inspected the work of several government institutions and service facilities in Aleppo city to assess the living conditions and development in order to take appropriate steps to improve them.


Upon the directives of President Bashar Assad, Premier Halqi allocated 6.127 billion Syrian Pounds in financial aid to the province to develop various sectors.


During his visit to the city, Halqi toured the faculties of Aleppo University, the Radio and TV Center, al-Ihsan charity, a temporary housing center, a bakery, and the industrial area in al-Arqoub, in addition to visiting the Military Hospital in Aleppo where he met injured army personnel and toured markets in the city.


In statements to journalists, the Prime Minister vowed to continue combating terrorism so that Aleppo may return to its former splendor, along with the rest of Syria. He asserted that the situation in the city proves that Syria is prevailing over those targeting it, also lauding the determination of Aleppo University Students who continue to challenge terrorism.


He said the government is committed to establishing industrial zones in all provinces to boost social stability and achieve an economic, industrial, and development boom, and establish new industries. He called on Syrian businessmen to invest in industrial zones.


Regarding humanitarian aid and relief, Halqi said the government is committed to providing aid to all areas without exception.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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