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‘United For Syria’ Becomes First Civil Organization in Western Aleppo

The project was launched in Atareb
‘United For Syria’ Becomes First Civil Organization in Western Aleppo

The establishment of the first civil organization in the province of Aleppo was announced in Atareb in the western countryside of Aleppo this week, under the name 'United For Syria'.


The organization seeks to achieve the following objectives:


1. To raise the level of intellectual and cultural awareness in all areas of life, especially among the youth and younger generations

2. To protect the poor and affected families of the martyrs by providing them with material and moral support, and create job opportunities for their members through some small productive projects


3. To rehabilitate the infrastructure in the area of ​​ organization's work, as this area is destroyed as a result of the systematic destruction carried out by the military machine of the regime


4.To provide the basic and urgent services to the community


In order to achieve its goals, the organization will act as follows:


1. It will complete periodic and comprehensive statistics about the topics that fall within its activities, and will prepare detailed reports about them in order to complete its projects and programs.


2. It will publish "local and social" periodicals including defining the activities of the organization


3. It will investigate the damage caused to people and their property as a result of the military actions of the regime and estimate their values ​​in order to provide possible assistance to them in accordance with the possibilities available for the organization


4. It will prepare and execute development projects and investments in order to contribute to reform the infrastructure and develop the region


5. It will study the living situation within the geographical area of ​​its activity and will prepare nominal regulations according to their living standards to provide possible assistance for each


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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