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January 2013

Foreign Ministry calls on Security Council to condemn Jabhat al-Nusra’s mass execution against citizens in Aleppo

The Ministry of Foreign Affaris sent two identical letters on Wednesday to President of The UN security Council and UN Secretary General on the mass execution perpetrated by terrorist groups of “Jabhat al-Nusra” against tens of abducted citizens in Aleppo on Tuesday and throwing their bodies in Qweiq river in Bustan al-Qasr neighborhood.

Syria: Transitional Government and US Choices

Washington’s enthusiasm for the emergence of a government offering an alternative to the Assad regime is somewhere between well-guarded and non-existent.

Are You Serious, Mr. President?

Obama’s logic is frightening, and his understanding of the region terrifying and in doubt, particularly as he is the man who saw a revolution in Bahrain and pushed Mubarak to step down while today he is saying that he is working hard to assess the situation in Syria!

Jamil: Political solution only way out of crisis in Syria

Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Qadri Jamil, stressed that the political solution is the only and inevitable way out of the crisis in Syria.

Obama announces $155 million to the Syrian people

Obama, who faces chiefly Republican criticism for not offering the rebels American weapons or taking other steps to beat back Assad’s armed forces, said the money would help Syrians under fire and those who have fled to neighboring countries.

The Role of Israel in Syria

Israel is always interested in preoccupying its Arab neighbors in civil wars, and it is surely interested in dismantling Syria into small Kurdish, Alawite, Christian, Druze and Sunni mini-states. But isn’t Israel afraid of the presence of Al-Qaeda in a collapsed Syria?

The Syrian Obstacle Between the Opposition and Foreign Calculations

In light of the absence of any signs pointing to an imminent military settlement or political solution, the opposition has no choice but to go back to the Syrian domestic scene and rely on its political and military powers to even out the balance of powers and impose the solution wanted by the Syrians.

Foreign Ministry: Syrian State in a Flurry of Work to Implement Political Program

In an identical letter to the UN Secretary General and the head of the UN Security Council, the Ministry said that it expects the international community and the UN to help in understanding President Assad’s this program and the efforts exerted by the government to implement it without prejudgments.

Kerry: His View on the Syrian Conflict

The US failure to intervene in Syria has ruined everything that has been achieved—with great difficulty—in the war on extremist ideology and terrorist groups