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UN Warns of Dire Situation in Northwestern Syria, but Ignores State Areas

The UN did not care to comment on the situation in government-held Syria, subjected to coercive unilateral measures, according to al-Watan.
UN Warns of Dire Situation in Northwestern Syria, but Ignores State Areas
UN Warns of Dire Situation in Northwestern Syria, but Ignores State Areas

The United Nations ignored the difficult living conditions of citizens in areas under the control of the legitimate Syrian state due to the terrorist war being waged against the country and the unjust western economic measures imposed on the Syrian people. The UN warned of the “miserable situation” of civilians and displaced persons in northwestern Syria, due to snowfall and temperatures dropping below zero. 

“We are very concerned about the situation in northwestern Syria, and as you know, one of the most vulnerable population groups in the world lives in that region,” Mark Cutts, the Deputy United Nations Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syrian Crisis said in a media briefing, according to the United Nations News website. He added: “During this very cold weather, we have already seen horrific scenes in the last few days. 

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“About 100,000 people were affected by the snow, and about 150,000 people live in tents due to rain and freezing temperatures,” Cutts said. “This means a quarter of a million people are suffering now.” 

“Humanitarian workers pulled people out of collapsed tents, and many of these people had no shovels or other tools to remove snow, so they were removing snow from their tents with their bare hands,” he said. 

He called on the international community to do more and help get these people out of their tents and into a more secure and dignified temporary shelter. 

“In recent days, humanitarian workers have been doing their best to clean the streets, provide mobile clinics to these people, and repair or replace some of the damaged tents. This comes in addition to providing other important relief items, such as food, blankets, winter clothes, and other emergency assistance.” 

Unilateral and coercive Western measures are imposed on Syrians, which target them for their livelihood and basic necessities and aim to starve them.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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