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Syrian Army Seizes More Areas in Aleppo, Quneitra

Army units eliminate last remaining ISIS positions in Jabboul, while pro-government forces in the country's south weaken Nusra Front rebels in Dahret al-Kassar
Syrian Army Seizes More Areas in Aleppo, Quneitra

Syrian army units and their allied militias seized control of Jabboul village in the eastern countryside of Aleppo on Saturday, killing large numbers of terrorist forces in the offensive, a military source told SANA.

Army units eliminated the last remaining hotbeds of Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists in Jabboul, establishing control over the village after fierce clashes resulted in heavy losses amongst ISIS militants, the source reported.

Syrian army forces defended the local Air Force Academy and attacked an ISIS hideout on the road leading to Raqqa province, destroying weapons and ammunition as well as killing all terrorists inside.

Meanwhile, terrorist organizations acknowledged their defeat on social media, citing the death of Thwar al-Sham Brigade Commander, Mohammad al-Khatib, the Director of the Local Council in Tal Hdaiyya, Fadil Olaiwi, and the Battalion 1 Commander in Hraitan city, Omar Shamta.

In Quneitra, Syrian forces also seized full control over Dahret al-Kassar in the northern countryside of the province.

The source said that Syrian army units took Dahret al-Kassar to the east of Tranja village after operations targeted Nusra Front positions, adding heavy losses were inflicted upon the terrorist group.

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