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Regime Warns of Imminent ISIS Attack on Hama

Leaked documents show Hama police preparing for assault after receiving information of an ISIS attack on the city of Hama
Regime Warns of Imminent ISIS Attack on Hama

Social media activists published a leaked order by police headquarters in the province of Hama warning units of an imminent ISIS attack on the strategic city.

According to an order signed by Hama police chief Faiz Mohammad, ISIS plans to attack the city of Hama in the coming days, with support from the Nusra Front and other extremist groups.

The order stressed that the information received by the police leadership states that ISIS will attack the city on April 18, from ISIS locations in as-Salamiyah area. Regime supply lines between Hama and Jisr ash-Shughur – passing through al-Ghab plain in the western countryside of Hama, and the villages of Tel Milh, al-Jabin and Hamamiyat in the northern countryside of Hama – will also be attacked.

Mohammad has ordered all police units to take maximum precautions and safety measures, while increasing the surveillance and monitoring of insurgent movements.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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