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Regime Refusal to Discharge Group 102 Soldiers Reignites Online Stir

Soldiers from the Syrian army's Group 102 have been on active duty since 2010
Regime Refusal to Discharge Group 102 Soldiers Reignites Online Stir

A leading Syrian military official has rejected reports that the Bashar al-Assad regime was to demobilize its fighters from Group 102, which has been on active duty for seven years, igniting anger and disappointment among fighters and loyalists.

Gen. Samir Suleiman, head of the media division in the political administration, said that there was no truth to the reports of the demobilization of Group 102, noting that no decision had been made on current proposals being studied, according to regime loyalist sites on Wednesday, quoting Suleiman on local radio.

Suleiman said that any discussion on the demobilization of fighters from Group 102 was premature, and said that “media will report the result whether positive or negative when a final decision is issued.”

The head of the conscription division in Syria, Gen. Emad Elias, said previously that the regime would soon review the demobilization of Group 102 officers and soldiers.

Group 102 is the oldest of the active service groups whose members the regime is still retaining, with their soldiers joining the army in 2010. Members have not been demobilized due to the regime’s need for fighters following major losses of their forces over the last six years.

Angry and insulting comments spread on regime loyalist Facebook pages because of the regime’s lack of intention of demobilize its soldiers.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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