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Production Resumes at Aleppo Industrial City

Work is underway to restore electricity supply to the city
Production Resumes at Aleppo Industrial City

Members of the Board of Directors of the Industrial City in al-Sheikh Najar in Aleppo discussed on Friday the situation in the city and ongoing steps to restart work after army restored security and stability there.


Aleppo Governor Mohammad Wahid Akkad said that the governorate has spared no effort to secure all required services to the city, in addition to facilitating moves for industrialists to return to work.


“More than ten factories in the city have already resumed production,” the Governor said, describing that as “a positive sign”.


The Director of the Industrial City, Mohammad Hindiyeh said that various technical maintenance teams have begun work to rehabilitate the sabotaged infrastructure and fix severe damage to the primary service and industrial facilities sustained during attacks by the armed terrorist groups.


“The situation of the Industrial City is steadily improving," said Hindiyeh, echoing the Governor’s optimism, reaffirming that a number of facilities and industrialist have actually resumed work and production.


Meanwhile, Electricity Director AbduIlah Talaleni said that the largest part of high voltage power lines have been rehabilitated and work is underway to restore electricity supply to the city.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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