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Osama Kadi Resigns from Assistance Coordination Unit

It is the third time Kadi has resigned
Osama Kadi Resigns from Assistance Coordination Unit

The Executive Director of Syrian Coalition's Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU), Osama Kadi announced his resignation from the body on Tuesday.


In his official resignation letter, Kadi said that:  "Six months after the institutionalization of the unit and after receiving the audit report from Deloitte Global, and after our work in these months exceeded all the work achieved by the Unit last year, I declare my official resignation form the Assistance Coordination Unit."


"I insisted upon my resignation at the office of the Secretary-General last week. This is the third time I have resigned for reasons we have no place to mention here. I wish the new director all the best and I will remain in office until a new director begins the role and all handover procedures are complete."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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