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Opposition Forces Advance in Hama

Opposition fighters are heading towards the village of Al-Masasnah and the Zallim checkpoint
Opposition Forces Advance in Hama

Opposition factions affiliated to Jaish al-Fatah seized the village of Mergabah and adjacent checkpoints in the northern countryside of Hama on Tuesday, September 8.

Abu Khaled, an opposition commander, said that opposition fighters took control of Abdu Hassan and Boueida checkpoints near Mergabah after an inflitration operation in the morning. The fighters seized a tank, a BMB vehicle, Cornet thermal missiles, medium- and light machine guns and a large cache of ammunition.

Mergabah is located to the east of the city of al-Latamnah and to the west to the strategic city of Morek. Abu Khaled said: “Mergabah is located on the line of defense that extends from the town of Maan in the eastern countryside of Hama to Morek, al-Boueida, al-Zallakiat, Zallin, Shaliout, and the city of Karnaz in the west.”

Abu Khaled stated that opposition fighters are heading towards the village of al-Masasnah and Zallim checkpoint. “If we successfully liberate these areas, the battle will move to a new phase. We will seize the Zuwar region, which is close to Halfaya and the town of Khattab. Then we will be able to target Hama military airbase with Grad rockets.”

Jaish al-Fatah was formed as a result of an August 2014 merger of 16 armed opposition factions. The most prominent factions within Jaish al-Fatah are Jabhat al-Sham, Suqur al-Ghab Brigades, Suqur al-Jabal Brigade, Syrian Guerrilla Movement, Brigade 101, Salvation Front, and Brigade 111.


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