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National Defense Gangs Terrorize the Poor and Vulnerable

Regime volunteer describes the kidnapping of his brother
 by National Defense gangs in Misyaf
National Defense Gangs Terrorize the Poor and Vulnerable

A volunteer in the Republican Guards fighting on the Jobar front, Wassim Issa, described the militias of the National Defense in Misyaf as "gangs and mercenaries living on oppressing and robbing the poor and vulnerable", after the recent abduction of his brother, Ahmed.

"I am a fighter in the Syrian Arab Army. I do my duty to defend my homeland, Syria, against the criminal gangs on the Jobar front. I left my family and my people in the city of Misyaf. Today I received the news of the kidnapping of my brother, Ahmed, by the National Defense gangs who set up an ambush for him between the villages of Ashiq Omar and Bamrah, while he was returning to his home”, Wassim said.

“They immediately took all his possessions and the van he uses for his work as a salesperson. They took him to their den and if one of the citizens didn’t see them, we would know nothing about where he is. My family went to the directorate of the region to ask for help, but they have been told that there is nothing the directorate can do to the gang", Issa told the Misyaf Now Network.

“When my family went to the gang’s den, they were told that the arrest was because the ‘chips’ found inside my brother's car were not conforming to regulations!", said Wissam.

These gangs, which recently flourished in Misyaf have divided the city and its surroundings among themselves, spreading terror and corruption, and recently, almost triggering sectarian strife in the region. All this comes against the backdrop of kidnappings and the ransom requested for each of the kidnapped

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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