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Mouaz al-Khatib Announces Conditions for Geneva II

Khatib said the release of female detainees remains his first condition
Mouaz al-Khatib Announces Conditions for Geneva II

Former president of the Syrian National Coalition Ahmad Mouaz al-Khatib has announced the condition under which he will participate in an international conference on Syria to be held 23 November.


Writing on his personal Facebook page, Khatib said:


Some parties are talking about the possibility of my participation in the Geneva conference next month. I believe in the political solution and negotiation in principle, and I think we should benefit from any opportunity to alleviate the sufferings of our patient people.


However, my participation is conditional on a humane subject and not a political one: Release our sisters and children captured in prisons. This condition stands since the submission of the first negotiation initiative and for me is non negotiable.


So, after consultation with our trusted brothers, I declare my refusal to attend Geneva before achieving this humanitarian and moral condition.



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