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Mass Resignations Among Coordination Commission

Open statement claims move comes after 'axis' within the Commission wishes to redirect its political agenda
Mass Resignations Among Coordination Commission

Members of the Coordination Commission declared their resignations in a statement outlining the reasons leading them to the decision.

The statement stated that a member of an executive office, leaders of branches, members of the Central Council, and active members in the Commission would hand their resignation to the General Coordinator, with a list of signatories and their positions of leadership within the Commission.

The statement justified the collective resignation by claiming the Commission excluded and ignored the role of the youth and the independent bloc – marginalizing them in inappropriate ways – in addition to the disorder and violations which emerged recently inside the Commission, consequently leading to conflicting political positions and statements. Recent developments indicate an axis within the Commission wishes to drag it towards positions that don’t meet its political goals.

The statement noted that the protest carried out by the group was met with an immoral and unprecedented attack, and the political dispute became personal while none of the key officials in the Commission attempted to address or stop the issue.

"Based on the foregoing, we consider that the organization – which did not address the misrepresentations which affected the dignity and political position of its members – is not worthy to stay within, nor struggle within its ranks", the statement concluded.

The names of the members were not announced for safety reasons.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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