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ISIS Kills Tawhid Leader

Adnan Bakkour was a leading commander of the Tawhid Brigade
ISIS Kills Tawhid Leader

Groups from the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) have attacked checkpoints of the Tawhid Brigade in Aleppo with two booby-trapped cars, killing eight Tawhid members, including the leader Adnan Bakkour (Abu Hatem).


Bakkour was one of leading commanders in the Tawhid Brigade. He was injured in the air attack on an infantry school in which the commander of military operations of the  brigade, Abdulkader as-Saleh was martyred.


A source in the brigade said that it captured three members of the ISIS and that emirs have told them that pro-regime PKK troops are also concentrated in the area.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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