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ISIS Flogs Men for Wearing Trousers in Minbij

Radical Islamist group issues a ban on the wearing of trousers in countryside of Aleppo
ISIS Flogs Men for Wearing Trousers in Minbij

The ISIS branch in Minbij in the countryside of Aleppo has issued a verbal decree prohibiting shop owners in the city from wearing trousers to work, threatening to punish violators.

Penalties have varied according to the discretion of law enforcement officials, with some violators flogged, while others were forced to dig trenches on the battlefronts.

ISIS penalties regularly follow a policy of public humiliation inflicted on the violator, as members of the Sharia patrol are known to verbally abuse and cut offenders’ trousers in public.

The series of decisions issued by ISIS has heavily influenced business in the city, with many shop owners leaving the city of Minbij.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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